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OVERVIEW: Keeping a policy of quality means being committed to satisfying and surpassing the requirements and expectations of our clients within the rules and standards of the industry (NFPA, UL & FM) additionally backed by our service, experience and integrity consistent with our personal attention to every client.

We are a distribution company providing comprehensive solutions for the industry while relying on a solid infrastructure. We are direct and authorized distributors of fire protection equipment manufacturers offering high quality, approved and certified products.

HISTORY: Having worked in the market of fire protection for more than 11 years, Pedro Valdez created EXPORT DISTRIBUTION & CONSULTING SERVICES (EDCOS) in the summer of 2004 using his long years of expertise in the field. While the company was created in order to help a good friend of his, changes in Mr. Valdez’s circumstances propelled him to dedicate himself fully to this project and accordingly, EDCOS started operating from a room in his house in Little Elm, Texas with the support of his wife.

Due to personal reasons, 3 years later EDCOS is relocated to the Rio Grande Valley, in the south of Texas. Later, in May of 2011, EDCOS-Mexico is established, having as primary objective to provide a more personalized, face-to-face service to its local customers.

Nowadays, EDCOS has two locations. The first location and its main office is in the city of Mercedes, Texas and it covers the USA, Mexico and Central – South American markets. While its second location in Mexico City strives to provide a more personal and immediate attention to local customers.

EDCOS, a company established to serve.